Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Other day in Iraq

Hello again,

I will start from Monday,
This day was similar to other days, but it have something interesting, since I went to hospital & we have a female patient complained of fever, diarrhea & also she complains of RA (Romatic Arthritis) for three years, we took the history of her, she was 63 year old with ten sons & daughters, when we diagnose her case we found that she complained of chronic cholesystititis (gall bladder inflammation)

This day was important day in my life since there were two big explosions near me, the first was targeting the Australian forces near our home & by chance I passed the place of bombed car 5 min before the explosion, & this explosion killed 5 Iraqis & 2 Australian soldiers & wounded 10 Iraqis& more than 15 Australian soldiers, I heard this news when I reached the college,

The other one was when I returned home , & at sunset time which is the time to break fasting for Muslims, at that time I was giving some food to the IPs (Iraqi Police) near us who were guarding an American center for CA (civilian affairs) & when I return home which is after 30 sec far when u walk, & I entered the house then there was a big explosion targeted the police & I heard out from my house to see what had happened & I was shocked out to see flesh & blood near my feet, I harried out to the explosion trying to save those IPs & shutting off fire ( there was still some food in my mouth) there was a big crowd of people trying to help, we save the life of 3 IPs but unfortunately one of the died 2 hr later..

Then there was complete closure of the road by the multi-national forces & we went back home & I was very sad & shocked from that view & I asked my self how come that human being doing that to his brother human being, I slept long time that day trying to forget what had happened but I couldn't !!!!!

I wish to sleep & wake u & find all that thing was a nightmare & find peace in Iraq , I am now praying for peace in Iraq & I wish u pray with me to see a new Iraq, Iraq without Saddam, without Terrorists, without Explosions, Iraq that we can sleep & dream of a peaceful quite day…..
I wish my God help Iraqis people

Wishing u all Peace & love

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New News

Hello again,
I am sorry not to write for the last 5 or 6 days, bcz I had many examinations, the 3rd grade here is very difficult,

I will start from Saturday which was a very hard day since I had quiz in Pharmacology which was like a nightmare to me, & Thanks God I did well & I took 7.9/10 which is a very good mark in relation to other marks…

In Saturday morning everything was fine until a sudden closure of the road by two Hummer vehicles so we went to a detour & then we knew the reason of closing the road, there was a totally burned American Tank related to the multinational forces & the fire in it, & I was totally astonished bcz this was the first time I saw a burned American tank bcz all the previous events were military vehicle not a tank!!!

This Saturday was the day of explosion, in college I heard the sounds of 13 explosions, & we saw the bad news in a TV in the college these explosion were on the high way.
In the way back there was a discussion about the exam, & also we continue our discussion about the tank which was started in the college since we told our friends about it, One of the was ex-baathism, & he was very happy ( & I don't know why) he started to shout & saying that this is the end of Americans troops in Iraq. I left him in this mental condition & start to talk with others about this accident, My friend Qais (I told u about him in previous pasts) said that he was sorry bcz he knew that those soldiers who died at that time have parents in USA & they will be mad to here the news of their son death & I approved him 100% for that.

Other friend told that those Americans might killed Iraqi people before so they deserve to die, but I told him in this explosion might hits Iraqi people in addition to those Americans, he answered that this is a war, & I answered him that it is a war so many Iraqi people might die in it & we must think that if 100 Iraqi people die daily we ought not to make them 101 people; the discussion wasn't end bcz the doctor came to gave his lecture…
There was an interesting opinion said by one of 6th grade student, he said that he wish that January 2005 would be tomorrow in order to have election in Iraq & have new president & new government so the Americans can reduce there forces in Iraq & not to see blood every where in Iraq of American & Iraqi people.

In the end of this day & on the way back we say that burned American tank carried on a bigger vehicle. On that day the Sharqiya TV started tell people to make Ramadan a peaceful month & not to mix blood in our food since it is a great month for Islam, & this TV channel found on Hotbird satellite also.

On Sunday there was nothing except the terrorists hit a police car on the high way, I saw it when some children were playing in it after the fire shut off & I heard that 5 of Iraqi police died in that explosion, we all were sorry about them, & I wish God will take sole mercifully & punish those bastards(terrorists) who want us to life in fire

Wait for more Dr.Saif news & I will write a post about election in USA …

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Situation now

I am sorry to be late, since I didn't write for the last 2 days,
Ok let's start with yesterday night, after sunset which is the end of Muslims fasting, I went to my room upstairs & felt like an earthquake happened with a loud sound of explosion & this was in the 4th day of Ramadan, this explosion is similar to that that happened that morning in force & site of explosion, they both were very near to our house (about 200 m away) & I could clearly recognize the sounds of ambulances & police cars harrying to that area, this was the starting & ending of that day of Ramadan & nothing serious happened in the college..

About Today, I waked up early this morning on the sounds of helicopters which were very close to our house ceiling, it looked like a serious thing happened on the other side of Tigris River in a place called Al-Doraa, since in this place there was many accidents took place like targeting of churches, targeting of multinational forces vehicles on the high way which pass near this place because of some terrorists who hide in the farms of the ex president assistance Abd Himmod ( no.2 on menu of 56 ex governor) & also in farms of Izat Al-doori who was the 2nd man after Saddam.

In the way to the college there was a Patrol (Nissan) vehicle related to multinational forces on the side of road & it was totally burned.We had two lecture in the morning (Pathology, Pharmacology) then we went to hospital to study a case history, Our (me & my best friend who is Christian & he wasn't fasting J ) case history was on a married woman in 5os of age & her chief complained was leg edema due to HF (Heart failure, most probably right side of heart) she is living in north of Baghdad, she also complained of associated system like: Hypertension, Nausea, Drenching sweating, loss of weight and appetite. We took history from her then we presented it to the Doctor & I was astonished for the 1st time bcz she told the doctor she had vomiting also but she didn't said that when I asked her, when I told the doctor he told not make the patient misleading me bcz her in Iraq most of popular people used to tells lies either to make the doctor become sad(very merciful) & try to help them only (extraordinarily) or to take more drugs which they think it is better, & also he told me that they trust illegal medicine (used in country side regions or deserts where no hospital are there by those who pretended the ability to cure patients & they use fire burning or some readings on patients to make the devil out of his/her soul J this bcz of incivilization of those people especially in our hospital bcz most of patients come from regions outside Baghdad ) or what ordinary people said more than what doctor says. I toughed this lesson & I wish I will not doing again J.

When we returned back from hospital to the college there was a big explosion near the college so one of the library glasses broke down & thank God; there wasn't anybody nearby.

On the way back we have a short discussion about those terrorists who made these explosion in this month (Ramadan) which is the month of peace in Islamic Society , so we reached a conclusion that those terrorists & also those who killed their kidnapped victims by knifes on the sound of Qurran ( Muslims book) aren't real Muslims but they are the black face of Islam, All people here know that (Arabs,Kurds,Tirkoman,Christian,Mulim's,Jewish); So plz don't think of Islam's as the religion of those terrorists ( sorry to say those bastards) bcz Islam have many other white faces.

At the end of this day I become sad bcz my best friend (Qais) who is a Christian came to me & told me that his family is thinking seriously to leave Iraq for good & his aunt who lives in Mosul in the North of Iraq is in getting troubles with those terrorists & also in work so she decided to leave Iraq also, I tried to cool him about the situation & how it is getting better but I can understand him bcz if I were him, I would think with the same thing.

Wishing Peace & all good things to Iraq

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Very Sad Day

Today I will write in black bcz it is a very sad day,

I wake up today (at the sunrise) on the sounds of explosions that happened in 5 churches in Baghdad & occur also in a hospital, police station & 2 roads filled with civilians, I was so astonished bcz today is the 2nd day of Ramadan & people with their different religions must be unite to make it a peaceful Ramadan,& I was also astonished when I heard that these explosion occurred near churches which are places for God not people & also occurred in hospital which is a place for angels not normal people & there was no politician target behind these explosion. I asked myself why? Why these explosions occurred in churches specifically? & why the explosions occurred in that day specifically? I reached to general idea me & my friends in the college after long morning discussion, & the answer was that those who did these things weren't a true Muslims & they are 100% terrorists wanting to make a gap of trust & love between Christians & Muslims who lived in this country in peace for years.

I discussed these ideas with my best friend (a Christian) & he approved me totally, He also said that he & his family were going to church every Sunday until that bloody Sunday before 45 days when a group of terrorism attacked 6 churches at the same time when our Christians brothers were just finished there prayers & prepare to leave, fortunately I was near one of these churches which lies in Al-Doraa & I helped with my friend in removing victims under blocks & glasses & it was really a terrible view.

After this start of bloody Ramadan, today the ways to the college was semi-empty, maybe bcz of Ramadan or bcz of these explosion which can't distinguish between Christian or Muslims; Civilians or not ; Iraqis or not ; people in work or patients in hospital. Even there were few people in the way to the college but was clearly seems on their faces how sad & uncomfortable they are.....

Today we had two lectures (Pharmacology & Pathology) in Pharmacology, the Dr. taught us about 40 drugs name & it was very confusable...
After that we had a Pharmacology lab. & for the 1st time we study drug effect on real living creature (Rat), we study the action of Formalin (Formaldehyde) on rat & also we did an experiment on Rat to study the absorption of drug in rat small intestine.....

On the way back there was nothing new except a big traffic near my friend home bcz of that there is a Japanese Embassy nearby & the IPs ( Iraqi Police) were closing the road for protection...

I'm very sorry to be late but yesterday there was no electricty & I was :(, Sorry

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Normal Day

Today was a normal, with little traffic in the morning I reached the college & we had 2 lectures in the morning ( Pathology,Medicine) then we have rest, then we went to medicine session in the hospital, & that was the 3rd time we go to hospital.. we had to take history from patients in medicine department, I take history from patient with DVT (D Venous Thrombosis), he was a car mechanic & 39 yrs old & then I presented my case which was of little interest.

Then, I moved to case which is more interesting, the patient here was presented to hospital because of fever of 1 yr duration & also vomiting for last month, when I took the history I didn't find anyhing related to these symptoms , bcz everything was alright. When I asked the chief doctor about this patient he told me that this patient was in the military army of Saddam reigeme & this case is psychotic one, I was totally astonished !!!!!

When I returned back to him & asked him few more question about his social life & past medical he answered that he sad bcz of the situation & bcz he is idle now....
I wait him to continue giving his ideas about live now & how it was better in Saddam regieme time!!!!!! then I thanked him for being cooperative but not to be Saddam liking person :)

Then I left the hospital to return back to the college, & then we return back home , but on the way homw I saw a land-cruise vehicle which is related to the multi-national force, & it was totally burned...

We passed beside it & continue our way back home safe...
Thank God

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Traffic day

Today was a long day, a big traffic everywhere & many of road were closed bcz of threatens of terrorists...

I was late 10 min to the 1st lecture, but fortunatily the Doctor was late 30 min, so I was safe :) ,
in 9:30 am there was a voice of many ambulances reaching the hospital loaded with civilian victims of explosives that happened in Palastine St. & I knew they were 17 victims; I was very upset for that situation bcz I am a semi-doctor & I can't help :( .

In 2:20 pm there was 3 explosive sounds near the college , so we harry up & get out the college , in the way out we saw the columns of black smoke indicating that there was burning of oil (= the strike was on troops of multi-nationality forces), I tried to look at everybody face & I saw long faces telling that all Iraqies are so upset from this situation.

In the way back to home , I made a disscussion with my friends of the reasons of all of these explosion & kidnapping events that took care in our lovely country, there was a lot of different ideas but we all agreed finally that terrorism must be ended in Iraq by Peace or War, I suggested that those terrorism were from Iran & Syria to prevent Domocracy in Iraq, bcz if this experiment success, Syrian & Iranian people will think of this & revolute against these (dictator) governments, & also I think that these events that occure now adays is to prevent election.

Also there was a big traffic in the way back, so I entered the house in 3:40 pm & now as I am writing this, I am hearing a voice fire (bullet shot) near our house ,So I shall go now bcz it become serious :)

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Who is me?

Hello all,
I'm a 20 old man, from Iraq.
I'm a medical student in Al-Nahrain University.
I will try to post daily dairy of me & what happen in the hospital, so I called it Iraqihumanity to show u how things is going on, & i will describe the medical affairs before & after war