Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Happiest Day of My Life is 30th of January

Hello Cheerfully

Today Iraqis did a very nice job & proved that whatever happens, they will stay standing against the evil force.

U saw my pic when I returned back from the election place & the red ink which was & still there in my finger. All Iraqis today have this day as ceremony & they wear the best clothes they have as if there is Eaed in Iraq & I was very happy to saw this & I wish I have a digital camera so I will show u some informative pic.

I am now in the hospital & thank God there was a little of accidents that had happened this day except a suicider explode himself near an election building in Al-Mansur city & killed 2 people & injured more than 10, most of them are in severe state. Nevertheless, I expected much more accidents!!!

According to ur comments which was wonderful & they supported us very much as my friend were very happy to these sweet words, so I am very grateful to u & I wish I will be as nice as u think.

According to the donation:
I think that money will be more sufficient than the equipment cz the equipments is really not complex one & found here in Iraq & bcz it will be much faster than to send equipments but it is really nice to think so & I will not reject any of ur sending. But for us the shipment of the equipments will take a long time to reach Iraq & we have only a limited time holiday but even if they sent we can gave it to the hospital as they will get use of it, if u are likely to send medical equipments we r in shortage of
Stethoscopes, Mercury Sphygmomanometers, reflex hammers, ophthalmoscopes that are the most frequently used. On the other hand, u can even donate through my donation box in the bolg itself.

Thanks again & I wish u all good things as u showed a merciful ideas to Iraq & believe me that Iraq is grateful to u & appreciate ur kindness.

Note: please see the previous 2 posts for backup.


This is how we proved to terrorists that we will elect even if we die

Let's go Iraq. Let's go

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Hello again,

I had successfully finished my examinations & I really did well & I wish I will pass it as I did my best.

We had Eaed in the past week & it was Eaed with little of accident & bombs, & thank God it was. But the weather was rainy here in Baghdad & we couldn't go in a picnic to the countryside so we did some of familiar visiting only.

I didn't write too much as I told u cz I was doing an important thing for the sake of Iraq which is:
As we finished our examinations I & my friends (43 members) thought of a brilliant idea & that's was:
As the election is soon & we are free & many of accident is thought to occur in the Election Day & the days that follow, so we thought that we must do a thing to Iraq & we must join the Emergency in the hospital that is coupled with our college so we ask the Dean for permission to do so & he approved cheerily, & then we asked the doctors who are responsible for the hospital & they said that they have a little stuff & it would be wonderful that we join them in the emergency room, since we r half doctors & we know how to do many things like to measure pulse pressure, blood pressure, general examinations, taking history from patients & doing First Aid & that will make it easier to the stuff of the hospital & spending less time in doing routine work.

We grouped together & went to buy the medical equipments hat we need, like: reflex hammer, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, …..etc. So we went the medical markets which are black markets selling the stolen medical equipments from the hospitals in the war & unluckily we found it very expensive. So we tried to bring it from the family & I did that & I took my uncle's sphygmomanometer & my brother old reflex hammer as he is a doctor also but I couldn't get the other equipments & the same as my friends, so we went to the Dean of our college & ask him that the college could buy it to us as we will use it in the future or we will return it to the college after we finish using it after these days or giving to other students want to continue what we had began but he refused telling us that the college have a little money to spend it on these things because it need it for more important things & I asked myself what is more important than human life!!!!!!!!

We become miserable but I told my friends that I wouldn't stop & I will try to collect the money we need to buy those equipments. They approved me but they wonder how? I told them that we can collect it from parents, patients or anyone wants to help us & Iraq. So we did a charity box in the college & in the hospital & ask people for help as we need much money & we r students.
We get a little money which is enough for 7 members of us!!!
I will continue what I began with & collect enough money to all members even if I beg for it because if this happened more students will join us & we can help Iraq not in these days only but after the election but forever. & we will face indirectly those who are trying to kill Iraqi peoples.

My Christian friend(Qais) ask the church some help & we got some money which I was happy with because they proved that we are all Muslims, Christian, Jew & other religion members are united against those terrorists. Also yesterday an American hummer stopped by our garage so I found it a good chance to ask them for help & they were wonderful & they told me they can't bring me the medical equipments I want but they gave me money to buy it which was overall (40$). Although it was a little but it meant to me. As I am writing this post now in the internet section in the hospital an old patient donate 2000 ID which equals to 1.3$ because he found us kind as we helped him to go to the bath & we gave him the IV injection of the drug & I thanked him a lot.

Now we r asking the Iraqi peoples living outside to help us & for me I ask u for the Sake of Iraq, Humanity & Union of people of the world to help us even by words because it will mean to us. We need now to every enforcement u have got to continue the hard way we must walk through.

Finally I wish that election & the days follow will be peaceful days & all Iraqis will elect quietly without bombs & suiciders & terrorists & Iraq will not forget who stand with him in these situations.

Note: this day was full of bombs as I heard many explosion sounds & as I am writing this post the Alarm sound went on & I should leave now to see if there are any more injured people as we receive today in the hospital about hundred of them injured by the terrorists bombs.

Thanks in early to everyone will help.


Friday, January 14, 2005

Am I too lost, to be saved

Hello Again
Sorry for the long missing, but there was many problem through life & 1st of it is as usual was the electricity, it was very great that it came 1 hr the cut off for 10 hrs, & thanks God it comes for 1hr !!!!!!!

Now I have my final exams of this semister & I did well in it:
1-In pharmacology I had a degree of 30.6/40 in the mid term exam & I did well, but it could be better if there was electricity :)) but I hope I will pass bcz this subject is very difficult & there were many disasters occured to the student in the last years in our college due to this subject.

2-In Bacteriology I had a degree of 31.3 /4o in the Mid term exam but in the final the questions were too long (10 papers) so i thought it is questions for two students when the doctor gave it to me :)) & in the practical exam I could solve nothing cz I could remember nothing!!!!

3-In Immunology I had a degree of 29.8/40 in the mid term exam & the final include 14lecture but the question longer than Bacteriology even they belong to the same department(Microbiology).
In that day I couldn't to reach the college by car cz bcz the road was closed due to 2 missels targeted by those stray doges fall beside the Hospital of the college, so I left my car in the street & went on my legs to college for about 1km bcz if I didn't , I would lose my exam.
I finished the exam in 3 hrs which is the time limited & I read a little of the practical subjects but I did well even that I didn't study the practical well.

4-the next exam will be Pathology & on monday 16/1/2005, I had a degree in mid of 33.15/40 & then I will have the last Exam on Wednesday 18/1/2005 which is Medicine in which i had 28.3/40 degree.

I wanna tell a story, On Monday 4/1/2005 when I was studying Pharmacology, there were 4 hummers vehicles stopped infront of our house, when I went out to see what is happening , An American soldier came to me & ask me if I can talk english so i answered him yes, then he asked me if he could take an orange from our garden & i tolled hime sure & I openned the gate to him & he came inside the garden & take only one but his friend who was on the Hummer felt misry as he was looking at him so I told him to take extra one for his friend & he did.They were happy & asked if we eat these things & I answered him yes, bcz in Iraq the Gardens don't contains only flowers & small plants but we have oranges & other citrous fruit & also we have dates which we have three in our garden!!!

I like a scene of an American Soldier helping a small iraqi student to cross the road as she was going to the school & I was touched & impressed at the same time.

There were many things happened during this period but this what my time let to write but i will write every thing to u as soon as i finished my examination...

Lastly I wish u to pray for me to succeed & pass my examination & I wish u Happy New Year which will be the year of peace in Iraq ( I will pray for that).