Monday, March 14, 2005


Hello again,

It was since along time that I didn't post, ok I know, but u must forgive me since I am a busy student joining a heavy-duty college & very bad situation. So sometimes because of the shortage of my time, I forget to breath:)!!!!!

Actually I faced some troubles in the last few weeks, first of all, was my car, which had many problems in the engine. Although it is a new car!!, err ok it not a quite new err actually the model of my car is the model of 20th century, yes I know that the 20th century started in 1901 & ended in 2001 but it is still of 20th century. Ok if u insists to know, my car made in 1975 & that has make it 9 years older than me but I still the master :). However, she sometimes refuses to obey my orders to embarrass me in the street, and as wisdom said by Wiseman "that the car is like the woman, when she is new, she is like a ring in ur finger , but when she is old she will be like a pain in ur …".:)sorry, I heard this wisdom from the guard of our neighbor's house & I wrote it cz I hate my car :(
We bought this car in 1975 when Saddam's regime for the first & the last time did something good when he enables the people who had a Ph.D. to buy Mercedes cars but without taxes( Sorry but, did I mentioned that before?, that my car is Mercedes :)) but Saddam's regime didn't repeat his generous offer(this mistake :) ) again.
I wish I had a camera to supply u with recent pics of 30 years old car & let u see what time did to my woman (sorry car):). Recently I celebrated in the Golden Jubilee of my car by giving her a strong hit in left anterior side with Renault, Nice present isn't it :)

In this week I saw 2 cases in the hospital & I was successful in diagnosing one of them which was a case of a man complaining of right upper abdominal pain with changing of urine color to tea color & the case was Acute Cholecystitis(Inflammation of the gall bladder).. Can u see, I am really being a Doc.? :)
The other case was of a man too, complains of abdominal pain & swallowing (ascitis) & unfortunately, the case was a case of a malignancy. when I took the history from him he said that he is a teacher & lived in Al-Basra & he was a soldier during both Gulf War I & II so the Doctor related that Malignancy to the Depleted Uranium Missiles thrown on Iraq During the 2nd Gulf War & the last war by the Allied Forces.
I am sorry about him since he is 55 years old only, THAT'S LIVE!!!

I believe in an old true Wisdom that said
"It's not important to die, bcz we r all will die someday, but is important how to die" so I wish to choose the way of my death.

Well, I wanna tell u that Tigris changed its direction & now it's passing in front of the gate of our home, there aren't more than 3 meters between our garage & Tigris, but unfortunately it is too shallow to swim in but enough to suntan our skin near it. Actually, we didn't go fishing yet but I will do so soon as I want to cross the street to our neighbors on the other side. About my car, it is as a Titanic; sunk in the Pacific Ocean; & I as Leonardo Dicaprio trying to save my LOVE (lectures) from drowning so I lay down with my LIVE (shoes) to save it.

A new pool in Baghdad

Oooooh a new Tsunami in Baghdad

Don't worry it's not Tsunami, I am talking about what rain did to Baghdad, bcz of the bad swage system & poor maintenance to this system, Baghdad flooded with water with the 1st heavy raining this year & Baghdad become small islands separated by water, so every islands made their own party & their Island's Law & started to ask for their Independence !!!!! :):):):)
However, I wish that Sun would evaporate their dreams so as water to be united once again under the name of the United Islands of Baghdad (UIB):) :)

I watched some days ago the Operah show, in that show Operah sold some of her own things & one of the ladies bought Oprah's glasses for 2000 $, I don't envy but I want tell u that 2000$ can support 5 members-family for nearly one year in Iraq. Do u realize the situation or not yet?

This is the last post before my Mid-Term examination, so I tried to be funny before stress so I wish u found it funny, but if not try to drink 7up after finishing this post to help u digesting my jokes :)

14th of March 2005

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Call My Name And Save Me From The Dark


I am so sorry for not posting in the last 2 weeks. The telephone wire was cut off by one of the trucks that carry a large gray blocks that is used as a 1st line of defense against terrorist's attacks in front of official buildings or any important center, so this post is assumed to be published in the last week !!!

This post assumed to be about my car & my car's accidents but instead of this, I will talk about the serious events that happened in the 10th of Muharam or what's called (Ashoraa) which is a ritual related to Muslims (Shiaa), & this is how the story happened:
On Saturday 19th of February, it was the Day of Ashoraa & as I explained before, it ritual related to Shiaa & as our hospital located in Al-Kadimia city, where Muslims from Shiaa go to do their rituals, So we were in red alert in case if there r any terrorist attacks.

The great shock began when we opened a big medical box that morning assumed to filled with medical equipments & stuff specified for that day. but instead of finding medical things we found a big amount of medical cotton only & it was apparently that the other things are either stolen by the sub staff or the medical things were not in the box initially & they were stolen before that time!!!!!! L

We opened our eyes on that thing at the morning. Then we had other problems, which are:
1- the limited amount of drugs & especially analgesic one, so we had 5 ampoules of Profen only, & this amount is assumed to be used for hundreds of people who injured them self during their rituals.
2- The other problem was the limited no. of sphygmomanometers in the emergency room & in the hospital itself
3- that day, there was deficiency of blood bottles. We had only few bottles of group A+, B+ & O+ but none of A-, B-, AB+, AB - & O-.

At 8:00 O'clock in the morning, the no. of incoming patients began to increase, & all of patients were who injured themselves during their rituals. so we did them the best we could, as we cleaned their injuries & sutured them. however, many of them were unlucky bcz they didn't get a blood despite that they loss or an analgesic drug so they ought to suffer from pain while suturing without analgesics nor anesthetics.

Nearly at noon, we heard a sound of successive explosions near the hospital & these explosions took place Addan Square in Al-Kadimia city by the terrorists. Firstly, they explode a bus between the walking people & then as the peoples crowded there trying to save the injured victims a couple of terrorists explode themselves among the crowd & then followed by other explosions in the same location.

At that time, the no. of incoming victims began to increase rapidly, but with major difference between the morning patients & the noon one. Bcz most of the explosions' victims were seriously injured & many of them lost there hands or other extremities during these explosions & when the reached the hospital, many of them lost their life too. No. of victims was very large so there were no enough ambulances to carry them, so many of them were carried by trucks used in building & constricting. All These trucks came to our hospital as it is the only near hospital to the place of explosions, so I saw 2 trucks loaded with human burned flesh & one of the trucks was carrying only victims extremities or horribly cut dead victims. The scene was very horrible & I couldn't bear it, so I fall down on the ground from the shock that scene cause me. I got the pictures of that scene & I intended to publish it but I couldn't, since it was very horrible, hurtful ,sore ,grievous, & harrowing, so I erased them from my computer but not from my mind bcz I remember that scene frequently & couldn't sleep for 2 days after that accident.

About the patients, most of the accident victims died in the hospital since we were an armless knight in front of army, we couldn't do anything to them but some of simple things, and even we couldn't find them a bed to lie on it. I don't know who to blame, the terrorists who made these explosions or the medical sub staff who stole these medical thing which is initially insufficient to all of these victims but it could help some of them.

This was the last day to me in the hospital, as I started my new semester the last Sunday. & this is how I left the hospital behind with my colleagues with a great amount of distress, depression, ruefulness, shock, sorrow & regret bcz we couldn't save many victims & we couldn't help much but the thing that we are happy about is that we tried to be positive & help & that's in addition to the experience we have got from this job.

Before leaving the hospital until the next holiday. my colleagues & I said goodbye to sub staff, some of the patients & doctors who tried to teach us some skills. therefore, we became friends & I shall say that that was one of the most wonderful times in my life & I wish I could do it again soon bcz I spent my time for the rest of others.

I told my friends in the hospital about my site & how u were very cooperative to help & some of them read ur comments so many of the stuff members that they know about my site ask me to ask u to try to help with

1-digital sphygmomanometers, since the hospital lack adequate no. of sphygmomanometers (most of them r broken) & totally lack digital one which if present will solve many problems & especially in emergency room.

2-cannula for pediatrics (children) since all cannulas we have in the hospital is for adult & children may die due to this simple things or must suffer from pain arise from
Adult's cannula.

I took the address of the college, so if u r interested, u can send ur help on

Iraq, Baghdad, Al-Kadimia, Medical College of Al-Nahrain University, P.O. box 14222
Note: don't forget to write Saif Ahmad, 3rd grade of medical college so that the college will notify me when the parcel reach.

On the other hand, if u wanna send it to my house directly please e-mail me on

Special thanks for (Steve D., Cyndi M., jon v., Sheryl C., Ed G., Joanne B., Kathleen H., Mary A., Charles S., Mike O., Robert O., Rei F. & Nancy C.) & to all who support Iraq, Iraq will not forget u so as his people & God bless u all.

looking foreword to hearing from u,


3rd of March 2005