Thursday, December 09, 2004

Bring us to life

Hello again

I writing this post & I have an influenza & cough, but I must write to explain some things,
Firstly I want to thank your feeling that was very obvious in the comments; I would like to thank u to make me e-nail Mr. Tom Villars.
I look on the Iraqis & I find them between two hell fire, one comes from the stray dogs (terrorists) & the others comes from the situation we live in which is in the semi-fully absence of electricity, it comes not more than 6hrs in 24hrs & no one knows when it come ( it may come at mid-night when we r sleeping or in the morning when we r at work) so we can't do our homework or so. No one knows y, bcz now it is winter & the electricity usage by Iraqis homes is the least in all seasons of the year bcz we don't use air cooler in this time of year, So I have many lectures which I didn't read bcz of this situation of electricity.
Talking about fuel, it is one of the worst situations here, the fuel station is filled with cars & the queue of cars on the fuel may reach to 5-6km of cars in the queue & people must wait for 5-6 hours at least to get 30 liters of fuel only ( Iraq one of the country that export oil). There was some people stole fuel from the station with the cooperation of the fuel station workers them self & Iraqi police !!!!!!! & buy it in the black market & increase it's price to 5 times, but in this case we can get fuel easier so I depend on those for the last 2 months bcz I can't offer time to get fuel from the station, but our government start to look after those people & put them in jail for 6 months which led that the queue for fuel become double & the fuel sold now in the black Markets by increase it's price by 20 times ( in the station the litre sold for 20 ID & now in the black market sold now for 1000 ID if u find one inside houses hiding from the police who themselves sold it in the black markets) So since I finished my last fuel drops today so I decide with my friend to not go to college on Saturday & I think that what those hate Iraq & Iraqis want (stop our development line).
I think the government stands helpless against these things & did nothing & Iraqis people return to prehistoric era & to the Stone Age & stated to depend on fire for light (isn't it miserable). My mom went to the station & told the military man that she own the car & she needs fuel to go to work but the gentleman shot some bullets in air & shouted at her that there is no fuel for women but at the same time there was a man that paid this military man some money as a commotion & let him pass in (that's bcz the bad choosing of the police & military (national guards) who are (national thieves) as most of them were so in Saddam's Regime.

About Kerosene; which is the fuel of heater which we use now instead of electric heater & u now y; become also rarely found & the liter of it become more expensive than fuel & we r in December which is winter here, so we start to wear heavy clothes in night with no electricity & also no gas (butane gas) for cooker, so this situation is 10 times worse than the situation in the last war even there was WAR!!!!!!!!

In 4/1/2005 I have the final examination of this course & don't know what to do with these circumstances & especially when those terrorists (bastards) started to threaten universities, colleges, constitutions & even primary & high schools.
There is no need to talk about traffic in the roads & the no. of burning cars & explosions that I see in the roads everyday bcz u know it well & this scene become normal to Iraqis & crash accidents become subnormal thing as no one want to see bcz it everywhere in Baghdad as my car hitted by other cars many times.
Talking about the financial things in family, there was really increase the salary from the government but it is associated with increase if the prices of everything (food, constriction materials, worker budget) so now we see more than 3 poor people in every traffic light begging for money compared with one or none before war.
Also there are taxes now on salary.

Someone asked me in the comments that y sunni's made these things, do they hate American or want Saddam back or ……………………etc.

I wanna say something that muslims not divided to Sunna & Shiaa only but there r many other division like Wahabbiya who r Usama Bin Laden like people & they r found in Iraq in little percentage & mostly in Al-Latifiya & they r Iraqis & most of the terrorist are from Wahabiyaa who r from the Arab country & mainly from Saudi Arabia & they hide in Al-sunna regions so don't think that sunna did these thing but also there small percentage of Iraqis mostly of sunna but also shiaa help those terrorists, & those Iraqis who help those stray dogs where monkeys of Saddam's regime & there are already religonless but now come in the name of God & Islam to destroy Iraq.
But I wanna add something may miss many people that there r normal resistance to American army as a normal response to invasion (Bush said that if there is invasion to USA then himself will be in the resistance to invasion) but if u want to differ between these 2 groups u can see the terrorist kill Iraqis & destroy & they r the majority But the normal resistance are few but they are targeting the Military forces & specially on the highways & they didn't announce what they r doing on the contrary of those bastards who kill & cut heads on TV & that thing is not related Islam totally.

Finally that I wish that election pass safely & we have new elected government which try to reconstruct the New Iraq & I wish that both the Iraqis & the Americans love each others & become friends as we are thankful for America as they eliminate Saddam's regime & rebuild new government.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Doctors return to me Salvation

Hello again

I am sorry not to write since a long time & this bcz I had many problems during the last few weeks
1- I was injured during one of the terrorist attack on the Minister of entry office which is located near our house, the injury wasn't so serious but most of it was due to shock due to the loud sound & some physical injuries due to the flying peaces of blocks that's due to the explosion & some damage to the house due to the fire from Iraqi Police & terrorist cz the run away in the way of my home.

2- I had triple difficult exams & that's: Pharmacology, Bacteriology & Immunity, & thanks God I did well in those exams although I went to exams with bandages

3- our phone line was cut by other explosion targeting Fuel Station but it missed it target to fall on a house & kill 3 of it members & the other two missiles fall on the phone station & since my internet is through modem so I couldn't connect & that's the 1st cz, the other one was due to electricity shut down due to burning of oil pipes so that the electricity shut down for three days & when it came it came in a programmed cut table (2 hrs come & 4hrs shut off).

4- There was Eaed here in Iraq which is a religious holiday of Muslims like Christmas of Christians, so we did some of family visiting but that Eaed was different since there is a law that prevent any movements in streets after 10 PM & since the military operations that is carried until now in Falluja & the terrorist madness response, cz in the first day of that operation the terrorist did 6 big suicidal operation targeted

a- Emergency room of hospital & that explosion done by a police car that was stolen from Falluja police station & kills 2 doctors,2 nurses & 6 people & others died cz of shock specially the hospital patients with cardiac diseases.
b- A big explosion targeted the Arabia TV station & this occurred in Al-Mansur street near the house of my sister husband which is 300 meter away but they lost every glass in their home & they found fingers & peaces of flesh in the garden the next day, It was a big operation & I saw the remnant of it in the next day & there were 15 car burned With 8 people killed & many injuries due to the station was between houses & a lot of people there.
c- There was attack on different police station & police in the street in fifferent parts of Baghdad , one of them was in front of me & that's happened once when I was returning home & there was a small troop of Americans tanks, hummers & military lories & there was s fire shot from the houses on the sides of the highway on the troop & then there was fire exchange but I didn't get injured.
d- They targeted also 2 churches in Al-Dorraa city & these was a big explosion but thanks God there was a little injury only without death.
So bcz of these things we did a limited visiting & it was some kind of a sad Eaed.

But I opened the blog once when I was in the college from the staff internet room & I found somebody made a big mess with it & I correct it.

Now I think that I am the black sheep of Iraqi's since all that happened to me J.
Also I want to congratulate the American's people for Bush's win in Elections, I am trebly sorry cz I did a survey in our college to the medical students & I got the results before the end of election but I couldn't publish itL, but I can say if the American people chose Bush as the president of USA, I want Kerry as the President of Iraq since we haven't men here with these personality (Bush, Kerry).

About Al-Falluja's operation I wish it will end soon; since I met some of Falluja's people today who were doctors in Anatomy's department & they said that the resistant forces is still there & falluja is not 100% free city; bcz I want civilian death to stop as soon as possible.
I was quite attached by the video of killing a civilian in a Mosque in Al-Falluja , & also I saw many pictures of people who crashed like stones with tanks in Al-Falluja , I can't understand it, May be due to my excessive humanity……

Lastly I wanna add 3 notes

1- I'm a Muslim & Sunni also, at the beginning I didn't want to declare that thing bcz I didn't care for this rubbish, sorry to say but I think that humanity is not concerned with religion, also I want u not to think of me as a person in a specific area & of specific ideas & I want u just to think of me as I a human being, but I declare it now to tell u that me & my family are against those terrorist & with the new government & I wish participate in the election in January & I will help my country to raise & I will be there ( If the God wants) when Iraq become a new free country, I will not be afraid of those terrorist to know that I am against them.
2- Somebody e-mails me to ask about my health & why I am too late to post( I thank them very much), & they told me about somebody called Tom Villers as he is the responsible of these blogs & I should contact him but I don't know how & why so please if u have something to tell so plz J.
3- As I wrote this post in 23/11/2004 & I wished to send it another disaster happened, There was a missile explosion in the street of my uncle house where I was there; 2 people died in that accident & they were guards & me,my cousin & my uncle got injured & today I get out from hospital with 12 stitches in my leg & another 3 in my abdomen due to deep injuries from glass & missile, the other are ok except they complain of shock or severe headache due to the explosion sound; so I puplish it today 2/12/2004, I will continue posting unless my spirit goes up to God.