Saturday, April 09, 2005

A new update for Life is Life

I finished now reading about Hook Worms, which include Ancylostoma duednale (present in Iraq), & Necator americans (present in middle & south of America). I had read in the book that's there are 900 million people around the world is infected with this blood-sucker worm which inhabit at the small intestine, & it's estimated that they are conuming 7 million liters of blood every day. Therefore, I intended to ask those Vampires to give Iraq some Liters of blood & contributing in solving of the Blood Deficiency Problem :) as these worms are much better in my mind than Arab countries, which sent terrorist to kill Iraqis, & wasting their blood. In addition, it's important to mention that one of the most famous Arab singers named "Abd Al-Haleem Hafith" had Hook Worm but he didn't die because of it. In addition, I will tell u about some of sign & symptoms of Hook worm infection: Black tarry stool (due to blood), anemia & anasarca (generalized edema).

I should say that writing a medical post is boring to some but it's very useful me to memorize information & thank u for ur patience to read such a post but plz try to forgive me :)
9th of April 2005

Friday, April 08, 2005

Life is Life


I am always sorry but I can say that's my life, always late, always examination, always there is no time, I am wondering when all these things will end, & I think the answer is when my life is ended!!!

In the couples of weeks ago, I had 4 hard examination so I wasn't able to post as usual, but don't think this situation will end soon as I have a Parasitology on Sunday & thoughts now is among worms like Ascaris lumbricoid & Enterobous vermicularis, if u don't know them then that's ok. But I read now about Schistosoma genus which is called blood flukes cz the adult r found in the blood vessels specially veins like Schistosoma haematobium (which cz Bilharizia) r found in the urinary bladder vein, S.munsoni r found in the inferior mesenteric vein (vein of the Large Intestine) & S.japanicum r found in the superior mesenteric vein (vein of the Small Intestine) & this is was a long boring subject to some. However, the funny thing is: that they found Schistosma munsoni in Gandi's (the fugleman of India & the one who participate in its independence) body after his murderer :).

I think that all extremists want to kill Great men like Gandhi & human Parasite want to do that also so I suggest that Saddam is clear of Parasite because he isn't a Great man or leader & he is a parasite himself. However, I am sure that he gets some parasites after 8 months living in a dirty hole underground with his group mates (rodents) who became his ministers in his new palace :).

Studying human parasite & specially worms is such an interesting thing but it is more interesting to know who gets this kind of worms or who died because of those worms & believe me that u will astonish to how many celebrity had parasitic infection :0.

Note: If u r interested in these kinds of Medical information then tell me to tell u about some pathological disease as the next examination after Parasitology is Pathology.

We r all sorry about pop Joan-Paul II death as he showed a lot of sympathy to Arabic cases & specially Iraqi one, I am sorry he couldn't visit Iraq as he intended that in 2000 to visit prophet Ibrahim grave in Al-Nassria in the south of Baghdad. So we r all sad here to see one of the Greatest men die.

Note: Tomorrow is the 9th of April which is the 2nd year after falling of the parasite(Saddam) statue in Al-firdoos square & I wish that Iraq will pass all his problems & I hope that the new government which is the 1st democratic government lead Iraq in the modern history to solve Iraqis problems & go forward to rebuild Iraq after the destruction(healing process) that happened during war ( by using drug to get rid of one of the most stupid, fool parasite who is certainly Saddam). Sorry but I couldn't find a better example that the medical one :)

8th of April 2005