Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Return


Long times don't see, I know that, but there were many things in the past few weeks which made me lazy to write a new post.

As I finished my exams I was very happy but this happiness didn't last too much as I receive the result of the 2nd course & it stroke me bcz I failed in the Pharmacology & I ought to do another exam of Pharma. In September but can u imagine that I didn't feel sad bcz I failed but I am SAD bcz Pharmacology means harder study also I am SAD bcz I did well in the exam so don't understand how I couldn't get 60% (which is the required mark to pass) ?

Although there was a lot of a good things happened in the past few weeks but I am still sad cz of Pharma. Disaster , I wish I had passed it :
One of the good news that my bro. return to Iraq from abroad, in a short vocation & in addition to the happiness of his return & how that affect the whole family feelings, he bought me a Digital Camera in addition to some clothes, so I become crazy about this camera as I didn't see anyone like it before cz (it's a 7 mega-pixel digital camera). So I will fill as I thing my blog with picture & sure some of it will be for my lovely car, As she standing alone in the dark but plz don't laugh on it : bcz she is a part from me now & if I sell it the doctor must do me a "Caroctomy" call whatever u like but I love her :)

I joined the hospital this holiday after 2 weeks home-resting, but this time was quite different from the last time cz:
This time I come loaded with the 3rd grade information which almost related to clinical practicing.
Also this time I come loaded with my primitive new staff like my new stethoscope which is of(Litemann type) I am very proud that I own one of them, My bro. bought it to me as he heard about our charity working in the hospiatal, but I couldn't bought the sphygmomanometer so we can't measure blood pressure as the hospital have only 3 old sphygmomanometers only & the don't let us work on it as the life of all patients depend on those 3 sphygmomanometers : ,in fact I laugh when I tell this events but there is an important Arabic query says: The most horrible things make u laugh.
Also this time I come with more confidence as I get used to the routine of the hospital work, I start walking like a real doctors with signs of being busy on my face :) .

Also I joined the ER (Emergency Room) this time which makes me less helpful than my colleagues as working in this department make u see only the most serious cases of injury & diseases which we are unable to handle by our self so we only walk with doctors & we see how they handle these difficult cases & situations & we learn from them. As most of the ER patient in Iraq die so we didn't take a lot of history from patient unless there is a lucky man pass the dangerous state which is very rare.

Most of the cases of the ER nowadays r bullet-injury which is one of the most worst injury cz the patients here came as group got shot (more than 2 usually & all of them r seriously wounded), & they always came after came after a long time from the time of accident cz of traffic & they came to the hospital & they lost a big amount of blood, so we face a 2 problems in addition the injury:
1-blood deficiency
2-most of the wound presented r infected due to the time of presentation is after a long time from the time of the accident, sometimes there is a lot of patients in ER so the patient wait 30 to 1hr to be presented to a doctors or go to another hospital & see if can manage him immediately or not !!!!!!

I saw a lot of patient die those days & believe me it has a different feelings & I couldn't sleep in the 1st night when I saw it.

One of these stories that:
An IP (Iraqi police man) was standing with her 2 friends in AL-Saidiya city in Baghdad, last Sunday, his friend have a shop & they sell generators, so 3 men presented to them to ask for the price of those generators but suddenly they pull there guns a shot the IP & his 2 friends, Unfortunately the IP get shot in his legs & abdomen & one of his friends got shot in his heart & died immediately.

I told that story to know that death & killing is walking in the Iraqi streets. I survive a car bombing two days ago & my survive/my death was a matter of seconds (I will I survive : !!!!!!)

Tomorrow I will leave Baghdad in the way To Egypt to spend 15 days abroad vocation with my mom as we r both got mad of this situations, we will travel to the land of Big Pharaoh, so plz pray to us to pass through the danger of the road.

July 8, 2005


I am i n Cairo now, & now I am one of those 22 million who live in Cairo. I visited the Pyramids & many other historical places, Cairo is really a big city & I like it very much as it is more quite than Baghdad & there is no bombing or kidnapping ,It's now 2:27 PM & I am writing this mail from a Cafe in the street called AL-Haram St. (Pyramids St.) also there are many people walking in the st. now & they enjoy spending night in a Disco or Night club, one day, I returned to the hotel at 3:30 PM while in Baghdad there is a carefew at 11:00 PM & also here there is elec. shut down or fuel shortage & spent 5 easy happy days in Cairo & tomorrow I will go to Sharm Al-sheikh.

Wish me a nice trip


15th of July 2005