Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Short return


Long time don't post,,, errr, I know that but I have now the hardest final examination in my life till now!!!! & I will finish this Red Alert [not the video game :)] in 8th of june 2005 so till then I will be in alarm so forgive for not blogging & I will re-post again ,, I promise.

I did my pharmacology exam yesterday & did good but I am afraid that I will not pass this exam so plz pray for me to pass my exam :)

There were many a lot of good & bad things happened to me but I will told u one now & pospone the others,
This news is collecting between good & bad things,

One morning, as I was sleeping after a long night studying, I heard a bell ringings, but these ringings where for demanding help. So I went out with my short & T-shirt & found our neighbour who was in hurry & he ask me immediatly to bring my Sphingomanometer & stethoscope to measure the blood pressure of his grandpa as he was feeling unwell that morning, so I went & I found him very tired & have dizziness & confusion.

I measured his Blood pressure & I found that his BP was 70/30 [normal=120/80 mmHg]
& recognize that he had a shock & most commonly either hypovolmic or cardiogenic shock so I tried to give him fluid as we where took him to hospital. then we reach the emergency room in Ibn Sinaa hospital & the medical staff took care of him.

The good thing is that this was the 1st time that people ask for medical help & the second that I used the Sphingomanometer & Stethoscope I bought it through ur support to the blog & I really get use of it.

the bad thing is that our neighbour grandpa died at night that day, although he was 92 years old but I was sad for him, since that he was a good, kind, lovely & generous old man [may God mercy him]

Thanks to everyone who ask about me, myhealth & my examination & I shall return soon

25th of may 2005