Friday, August 12, 2005

All 4 Dust & Dust 4 All

I am sorry for being late to answer
But there were many things that made me late,

Today I will talk about the dust!!
Once my cousin said "from dust to dust Redemption" on the 8th of August 2005 I saw the most dismal weather ever been, I saw the dust every where in Iraq & Baghdad, on the table, on the cars, in the sky, under my bed, in my nose!!!

In Saddam regime's time that day, 8th of August I mean was a holiday cz he pretended that he defeated Iran & return back AL-Faw city in the most south of Basrah. & Saddam used to made a speech that day in every year & he used to talk about the victory Iraq made in that war & also he also used to gave a threatening message to his enemy telling them that he will punish them as he had punished The Persian Regime at that time & he meant USA ! so today when I remember those past days I can't imagine how he was able to talk like that when he is a man without the enough courage face death as defeated leader. U all know Hitler & how Dictator was he, but in my point of view Hitler is braver than Saddam cz he face his fate bravely.

Never mind but at that day, 8th of August 2005, it was a semi-holiday cz the dusty weather wouldn't let the people to go to their work places. For me It was one of the most bad days bcz a lot of Asthmatic-patients died in the hospital bcz respiratory tract collapse cz of dust, we helped many of them but still the oxygen shortage which stand against us that day & the enormous no. of patient too.

To Saddamist, they were happy cz it was a holiday & they said that even though that the new government delete that date from the holidays list but God made it a holiday !! but I couldn't understand that. ( narrow minded isn't they?)& they say also that the troops moving in the desert cz this dusty weather but I say the destruction of the green zone (not the American one :) but the zone of trees that lines Baghdad & seperate it from the desert) led to all this dust, Sorry for that but it seems that we will complain for long time in the next years from this thing until a clever government discover out the right cz & correct it & that is 20 years from now :) & I guess I will be dead in that time from Asphyxia :)

I took many pics on that date in our house, so see by urself

Teacher:Nice way ti start a conversation is to say something about the weather
Student:Dismal weather is not a good thing to start a conversation about!

This is How Our garden look

This is the roof of my car


[if u see both photo Successively, it will become HELP HUMANITY, so even dust want to help humnity, All want but Terrorist :)]

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August 12th, 2005