Thursday, February 17, 2005


I wanted to start the post in different way this time as I like changing in my life. After this short beginning, I want to tell u that I was too busy in the last couple of weeks as I will tell through this New Post, but before the beginning, I want to say that I am terribly happy, as I will explain it soon through this post :)

As I like changing my life style & the usual routine, I will start from the recent news, which are called here in Iraq (Taza) which means immediate or the latest one :)
So, here is my Taza news which is a wonderful news: that I……..I…….I have passed my examinations (yeahooooooooooooooo hooooooo hahaha) & this happening is the best in my personal life in the last 3 months bcz this success was taken from the lion's mouth if I can say so, bcz it is the 1st dramatic success in my life. Maybe everyone can say deep inside himself that he succeeds always, so what is the big deal this time?
Is it enough to tell u that the failing percentage reach up till 55% as 27 out of 54 of students fail while only 22 pass their examination (this percentage related to the 3rd grade only). Do u remember when I told u that the 3rd grade is one of the most difficult grade in our college & in medical colleges in general since it contains many difficult subjects which made me unable to post frequently in my blog through the last semester & specially during examinations so u can understand now why. This wasn't the case of other friends of me in my Group since 7 out 12 in my group couldn't success :( so it was hard to me to look happy & enjoy while most of them were upset & some of them cried (females only:)). So I tried to act normally & hide my feelings even in the car cz my friends Qais (do u remember him, the Christian one) & Mustafa were failed in 2 subjects: first Pharmacology which is the most horrible subject to the medical student since it cz many trouble nearly to all of them. 25 students out of 27, who failed, failed in Pharmacology. Second: Immunology, which is considered as an easy & enjoyable subject in other colleges but not in our college, it is difficult. Not bcz of the subject itself but bcz of the doctors who taught us this subject as they are very uncooperative with students & stringent specially in those situations, which both u & I know very well & I explained it in past posts & as most of the Iraqi blogs did.

The thing that really upset me that Qais postponed the Pathology exam & before he did, he asked one of the members of Examination Committee who told him that he would do his exam in the 2nd day of this course & that was reversibly true. & he considered as a failing in this subject too so he passed only 2 subjects out of 5. Therefore, he was very sad & hopeless, as he didn't speak a word in the way back home, so I tried to solace & support him & act as an angelJ, & I advice him to try hard to pass the next semester.
The great happiness & pleasure, I saw it through my mom's eyes when I told her the sweet news but we didn't celebrate well in this occasion, which is something I don't know why? But I screamed a lot with the same phrase "I DID IT"

Enough to speak about my fabulous success now :) & let's go to the hospital news: the 1st & the most important one of them was, as I watched it exactly:
On Tuesday 8/2/2005 as I was carrying some of tests results to a patient who is one of the Iraqi Notional Guard had a gunshot in his left arm & had a successful removal operation, I walked by a window in the hospital & saw scene, which really attached my heart. The scene was as An American truck filled with medical equipments like: boxes of feeding bottles, boxes of syringes & boxes of medical drugs. Not only this that made me attached only, but the scene of US soldiers teeming the truck with happiness & enthusiasm. Some of the Iraqi workers in the hospital tried to help the US soldiers & others were happy to took pictures with those soldiers as they were photographing that scene which I really wanted to take a picture of it. But as I lack the digital camera I stand there helpless but I finally called all the patients, nurses & sub-staff who were near me to see this scene.

About the cases, I had seen in the past 3 weeks, which were very interesting & awful in others. One of the cases was a young woman, 28 yrs age, she had a lymphadenopathy in the cervical lymph node, in the posterior angel of the neck. This description is an anatomical one J but the normal one that there was an enlargement of a group of lymph nodes on lateral surface of the neck. Unfortunately she wasn't from my group of patients who I responsible for, but she was related to my friend. I was very sad when I finally heard a week ago that the doctors diagnosed her case & unfortunately she had a kind of CA (Cancer) & her case was very late since the cancer had metastasis to the lymph node. I was greatly sorrowed about her since I knew that she hadn't children & she has been married only for 2 yrs, Finally I talked to her husband who was confused & I tried to calm him & pray to God to heal her. I astonished when I recognized his accent, which looked like he was a Jordanian. Therefore, I asked him about that & he told me that he is a Syrian. So I asked him again why he wouldn't go to Syria since they have more developed staff & stuff for CA treatment but he answered me sadly that he is a political dissent to the Syrian Regime & he can't go home since his life will be in danger if he went there.

The other case that I can remember now was 15yrs old married girl who had an obstruction in the ovary & successfully removed it. However, the funny thing in this case that she told me, if her first child is going to be a male, she would call him Saif, the thing which made very happy. My mom told me if I keep the hard working like that, half of the people of Iraq will be called Saif( the thing which I couldn't refuse :) )

The bad thing happened to me in the last couple of weeks, that I hit the car. Don't worry, no one injured but I was very upset until my mom told me that God has kept me a surprise!!!! The thing, which become true when I received my result of the examination so I finally convinced that my mom words become true one day or another :)

About my car, I will post about it with full details.

About the election results, I was very happy not for the results exactly but for the truth in this elections as for the first time we know an election percentage less than 99.99999% as usual :). But I was always wondering who is the traitor 0.00001 who said NO :), but now I ask who did these results & the answer is a very simple one, The Iraqi People. & Finally let's Democracy take it's way.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Someone wait for you to breathe again

Hello Everyone

I am sorry to be late again since I was very busy in the last four days in the hospital & I didn't see my mom since 29th of January, but today I returned back home for one day holidayJ. I was very happy there in the hospital even I was very tired bcz of the a lot of work which I had to do even when I lack some of the required equipments for that work & I didn't sleep to much bcz of that. I slept an average of 3-4 hr a day only but believe me when I say it worth it.

There were very interesting cases that I faced during these days, some of them feel me sad & the other feels me happy even if death was coupled with these cases:

The sad case that I had faced was in the 30th of January when a pregnant woman with her 2nd trimester of pregnancy presented to the hospital with severe case of Clampsia ( severe hypertension occur in certain woman through pregnancy) & in the cases of Clampsia we must lower the blood pressure or there will be death. Unfortunately, she admitted to us in the night & we couldn't find an Antihypertensive injection that's used in this case & we couldn't even search for it in the other hospitals bcz of the curfew in the night. So we tried to help by giving normal Anithypertensive drugs but there was no use in giving her these drugs!!! So after 3:30 AM, doctors decided to remove the embryo to lower the blood pressure & save the mother's life & they did to save her life even when her family told us that it was her first pregnancy after 6 years of marriage & they wanted that baby very much. The operation was an unsuccessful one & embryo couldn't make it & die after 1hr of the removal operation, but the mother was still had hypertension!! We tried finally to give her (Beta-blocker drugs) & (Diuretics) but the mother couldn't make it & died at 6:15 AM. I felt very sad cz of this case bcz it was a very simple cz & can be cured easily with one injection only & that's why that the mortality rate is high in Iraq.

The Happy case was in 30th of January noon when an old man admitted to the hospital with complete comma, he was unconscious & showed no signs of life. When I was taking the history from his son, he told me that his father age was 74 yrs old, had many disease like DM(diabetes Mellitus),gout & peptic ulcer but even though he insisted to vote & he fall down on ground after he had voted in the voting center ( in the way back to their home in Al-Kadmia city). I was very happy for him bcz he could vote before his death & I believe that's was a sign from God for us to vote, so plz tell every one who don't believe in Democracy in Iraq this story which represent the braveness of Iraqis & their strong willing.

There were many other interesting cases I saw but I will tell u them in other time cz I'm tired now, so plz forgive meJ.

I want to thank everyone who paid in the pay pal or wrote sweet words & I can tell that that was a big support to me & to my friends to go on & continue what we had begun. I repeat my Thanks for every one paid even a shilling & specially (Nancy C., Rei F., Robert O., Mike O., jon v., Kathleen H.).

Today 10 new students join our group. I was happy & sad at the same time: Happy cz the members increase & that's mean that people begin to feels us & understanding what can simple efforts do if they r grouped & well organized. Sad bcz I wish I have enough money, stuff & equipments for them so I will try to limit the group no. to 61 only until there r enough stuff to give or they will be useless even their good feelings & wishes that they have to help Iraq.
I count the total money today & it seems that's enough only for half of the members only (29 members). So I wish u for the sake of Iraq to make extra effort to bring people to visit my blog & if they r convinced by my words, I wish they will help Iraq.

Iraq, Iraqis, & I will not forget ur efforts & will pray for u & wish u all good things, & I will tell my children in the future about ur kindness & also I will tell every Iraqi I will meet about this. Believe me.

I wish u to write comments showing ur opinions but I am sorry bcz I will not be able to read it soon but I swear I will read it later cz I will be busy in the next few days, But if u have something important to tell me u can e-mail me on

Wishing to hearing from u soon,

Note: for backup, read the previous 3 posts