Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Again After 4 years of my last post! Talking to the Old ME

I have been looking for this site for a long time silently, basically was so reluctant to post. Today am posting because I just came by this site and remember a nice and painful era of my life, I was so eager to read what I have written 5 and 6 years ago. Gosh I sucked, I wonder how people were reading my blog at all. As I was so lazy to re-read what I write to make it more reasonable and grammatically correct. Anyway, I promise I won't do that again.

I wonder if people still reading blogs from Iraq or by any chance still pass by my site every once in a while? do you still remember me? I would be surprised if somebody read what I'm just writing but I will not be sad because am writing this to the old me. I'm so proud of what the new me is so that I decided to come back and tell the old me to be patience and hang out in there. Things won't stay the same for a long period of time my dear friend, as you will do something and accomplish a lot in the near future. I probably don't agree with you in the most part but I still respect and believe that because of you, I am what I am today. I wish I can tell you stop smoking and do some exercises, you are going to need that body soon and you will going to need it in a good shape. I think you didn't develop the sight you will have 6 years later but I still blaming you for being a lazy ass.

If somebody read that and want to know more about the future you, tell them to put a comment and I will be more than happy to respond

Dr. Humanity
August 30th 2011

Friday, August 12, 2005

All 4 Dust & Dust 4 All

I am sorry for being late to answer
But there were many things that made me late,

Today I will talk about the dust!!
Once my cousin said "from dust to dust Redemption" on the 8th of August 2005 I saw the most dismal weather ever been, I saw the dust every where in Iraq & Baghdad, on the table, on the cars, in the sky, under my bed, in my nose!!!

In Saddam regime's time that day, 8th of August I mean was a holiday cz he pretended that he defeated Iran & return back AL-Faw city in the most south of Basrah. & Saddam used to made a speech that day in every year & he used to talk about the victory Iraq made in that war & also he also used to gave a threatening message to his enemy telling them that he will punish them as he had punished The Persian Regime at that time & he meant USA ! so today when I remember those past days I can't imagine how he was able to talk like that when he is a man without the enough courage face death as defeated leader. U all know Hitler & how Dictator was he, but in my point of view Hitler is braver than Saddam cz he face his fate bravely.

Never mind but at that day, 8th of August 2005, it was a semi-holiday cz the dusty weather wouldn't let the people to go to their work places. For me It was one of the most bad days bcz a lot of Asthmatic-patients died in the hospital bcz respiratory tract collapse cz of dust, we helped many of them but still the oxygen shortage which stand against us that day & the enormous no. of patient too.

To Saddamist, they were happy cz it was a holiday & they said that even though that the new government delete that date from the holidays list but God made it a holiday !! but I couldn't understand that. ( narrow minded isn't they?)& they say also that the troops moving in the desert cz this dusty weather but I say the destruction of the green zone (not the American one :) but the zone of trees that lines Baghdad & seperate it from the desert) led to all this dust, Sorry for that but it seems that we will complain for long time in the next years from this thing until a clever government discover out the right cz & correct it & that is 20 years from now :) & I guess I will be dead in that time from Asphyxia :)

I took many pics on that date in our house, so see by urself

Teacher:Nice way ti start a conversation is to say something about the weather
Student:Dismal weather is not a good thing to start a conversation about!

This is How Our garden look

This is the roof of my car


[if u see both photo Successively, it will become HELP HUMANITY, so even dust want to help humnity, All want but Terrorist :)]

Some people ask me for email, It is in my profile & u can send me on


August 12th, 2005

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Return


Long times don't see, I know that, but there were many things in the past few weeks which made me lazy to write a new post.

As I finished my exams I was very happy but this happiness didn't last too much as I receive the result of the 2nd course & it stroke me bcz I failed in the Pharmacology & I ought to do another exam of Pharma. In September but can u imagine that I didn't feel sad bcz I failed but I am SAD bcz Pharmacology means harder study also I am SAD bcz I did well in the exam so don't understand how I couldn't get 60% (which is the required mark to pass) ?

Although there was a lot of a good things happened in the past few weeks but I am still sad cz of Pharma. Disaster , I wish I had passed it :
One of the good news that my bro. return to Iraq from abroad, in a short vocation & in addition to the happiness of his return & how that affect the whole family feelings, he bought me a Digital Camera in addition to some clothes, so I become crazy about this camera as I didn't see anyone like it before cz (it's a 7 mega-pixel digital camera). So I will fill as I thing my blog with picture & sure some of it will be for my lovely car, As she standing alone in the dark but plz don't laugh on it : bcz she is a part from me now & if I sell it the doctor must do me a "Caroctomy" call whatever u like but I love her :)

I joined the hospital this holiday after 2 weeks home-resting, but this time was quite different from the last time cz:
This time I come loaded with the 3rd grade information which almost related to clinical practicing.
Also this time I come loaded with my primitive new staff like my new stethoscope which is of(Litemann type) I am very proud that I own one of them, My bro. bought it to me as he heard about our charity working in the hospiatal, but I couldn't bought the sphygmomanometer so we can't measure blood pressure as the hospital have only 3 old sphygmomanometers only & the don't let us work on it as the life of all patients depend on those 3 sphygmomanometers : ,in fact I laugh when I tell this events but there is an important Arabic query says: The most horrible things make u laugh.
Also this time I come with more confidence as I get used to the routine of the hospital work, I start walking like a real doctors with signs of being busy on my face :) .

Also I joined the ER (Emergency Room) this time which makes me less helpful than my colleagues as working in this department make u see only the most serious cases of injury & diseases which we are unable to handle by our self so we only walk with doctors & we see how they handle these difficult cases & situations & we learn from them. As most of the ER patient in Iraq die so we didn't take a lot of history from patient unless there is a lucky man pass the dangerous state which is very rare.

Most of the cases of the ER nowadays r bullet-injury which is one of the most worst injury cz the patients here came as group got shot (more than 2 usually & all of them r seriously wounded), & they always came after came after a long time from the time of accident cz of traffic & they came to the hospital & they lost a big amount of blood, so we face a 2 problems in addition the injury:
1-blood deficiency
2-most of the wound presented r infected due to the time of presentation is after a long time from the time of the accident, sometimes there is a lot of patients in ER so the patient wait 30 to 1hr to be presented to a doctors or go to another hospital & see if can manage him immediately or not !!!!!!

I saw a lot of patient die those days & believe me it has a different feelings & I couldn't sleep in the 1st night when I saw it.

One of these stories that:
An IP (Iraqi police man) was standing with her 2 friends in AL-Saidiya city in Baghdad, last Sunday, his friend have a shop & they sell generators, so 3 men presented to them to ask for the price of those generators but suddenly they pull there guns a shot the IP & his 2 friends, Unfortunately the IP get shot in his legs & abdomen & one of his friends got shot in his heart & died immediately.

I told that story to know that death & killing is walking in the Iraqi streets. I survive a car bombing two days ago & my survive/my death was a matter of seconds (I will I survive : !!!!!!)

Tomorrow I will leave Baghdad in the way To Egypt to spend 15 days abroad vocation with my mom as we r both got mad of this situations, we will travel to the land of Big Pharaoh, so plz pray to us to pass through the danger of the road.

July 8, 2005


I am i n Cairo now, & now I am one of those 22 million who live in Cairo. I visited the Pyramids & many other historical places, Cairo is really a big city & I like it very much as it is more quite than Baghdad & there is no bombing or kidnapping ,It's now 2:27 PM & I am writing this mail from a Cafe in the street called AL-Haram St. (Pyramids St.) also there are many people walking in the st. now & they enjoy spending night in a Disco or Night club, one day, I returned to the hotel at 3:30 PM while in Baghdad there is a carefew at 11:00 PM & also here there is elec. shut down or fuel shortage & spent 5 easy happy days in Cairo & tomorrow I will go to Sharm Al-sheikh.

Wish me a nice trip


15th of July 2005

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Short return


Long time don't post,,, errr, I know that but I have now the hardest final examination in my life till now!!!! & I will finish this Red Alert [not the video game :)] in 8th of june 2005 so till then I will be in alarm so forgive for not blogging & I will re-post again ,, I promise.

I did my pharmacology exam yesterday & did good but I am afraid that I will not pass this exam so plz pray for me to pass my exam :)

There were many a lot of good & bad things happened to me but I will told u one now & pospone the others,
This news is collecting between good & bad things,

One morning, as I was sleeping after a long night studying, I heard a bell ringings, but these ringings where for demanding help. So I went out with my short & T-shirt & found our neighbour who was in hurry & he ask me immediatly to bring my Sphingomanometer & stethoscope to measure the blood pressure of his grandpa as he was feeling unwell that morning, so I went & I found him very tired & have dizziness & confusion.

I measured his Blood pressure & I found that his BP was 70/30 [normal=120/80 mmHg]
& recognize that he had a shock & most commonly either hypovolmic or cardiogenic shock so I tried to give him fluid as we where took him to hospital. then we reach the emergency room in Ibn Sinaa hospital & the medical staff took care of him.

The good thing is that this was the 1st time that people ask for medical help & the second that I used the Sphingomanometer & Stethoscope I bought it through ur support to the blog & I really get use of it.

the bad thing is that our neighbour grandpa died at night that day, although he was 92 years old but I was sad for him, since that he was a good, kind, lovely & generous old man [may God mercy him]

Thanks to everyone who ask about me, myhealth & my examination & I shall return soon

25th of may 2005

Saturday, April 09, 2005

A new update for Life is Life

I finished now reading about Hook Worms, which include Ancylostoma duednale (present in Iraq), & Necator americans (present in middle & south of America). I had read in the book that's there are 900 million people around the world is infected with this blood-sucker worm which inhabit at the small intestine, & it's estimated that they are conuming 7 million liters of blood every day. Therefore, I intended to ask those Vampires to give Iraq some Liters of blood & contributing in solving of the Blood Deficiency Problem :) as these worms are much better in my mind than Arab countries, which sent terrorist to kill Iraqis, & wasting their blood. In addition, it's important to mention that one of the most famous Arab singers named "Abd Al-Haleem Hafith" had Hook Worm but he didn't die because of it. In addition, I will tell u about some of sign & symptoms of Hook worm infection: Black tarry stool (due to blood), anemia & anasarca (generalized edema).

I should say that writing a medical post is boring to some but it's very useful me to memorize information & thank u for ur patience to read such a post but plz try to forgive me :)
9th of April 2005

Friday, April 08, 2005

Life is Life


I am always sorry but I can say that's my life, always late, always examination, always there is no time, I am wondering when all these things will end, & I think the answer is when my life is ended!!!

In the couples of weeks ago, I had 4 hard examination so I wasn't able to post as usual, but don't think this situation will end soon as I have a Parasitology on Sunday & thoughts now is among worms like Ascaris lumbricoid & Enterobous vermicularis, if u don't know them then that's ok. But I read now about Schistosoma genus which is called blood flukes cz the adult r found in the blood vessels specially veins like Schistosoma haematobium (which cz Bilharizia) r found in the urinary bladder vein, S.munsoni r found in the inferior mesenteric vein (vein of the Large Intestine) & S.japanicum r found in the superior mesenteric vein (vein of the Small Intestine) & this is was a long boring subject to some. However, the funny thing is: that they found Schistosma munsoni in Gandi's (the fugleman of India & the one who participate in its independence) body after his murderer :).

I think that all extremists want to kill Great men like Gandhi & human Parasite want to do that also so I suggest that Saddam is clear of Parasite because he isn't a Great man or leader & he is a parasite himself. However, I am sure that he gets some parasites after 8 months living in a dirty hole underground with his group mates (rodents) who became his ministers in his new palace :).

Studying human parasite & specially worms is such an interesting thing but it is more interesting to know who gets this kind of worms or who died because of those worms & believe me that u will astonish to how many celebrity had parasitic infection :0.

Note: If u r interested in these kinds of Medical information then tell me to tell u about some pathological disease as the next examination after Parasitology is Pathology.

We r all sorry about pop Joan-Paul II death as he showed a lot of sympathy to Arabic cases & specially Iraqi one, I am sorry he couldn't visit Iraq as he intended that in 2000 to visit prophet Ibrahim grave in Al-Nassria in the south of Baghdad. So we r all sad here to see one of the Greatest men die.

Note: Tomorrow is the 9th of April which is the 2nd year after falling of the parasite(Saddam) statue in Al-firdoos square & I wish that Iraq will pass all his problems & I hope that the new government which is the 1st democratic government lead Iraq in the modern history to solve Iraqis problems & go forward to rebuild Iraq after the destruction(healing process) that happened during war ( by using drug to get rid of one of the most stupid, fool parasite who is certainly Saddam). Sorry but I couldn't find a better example that the medical one :)

8th of April 2005

Monday, March 14, 2005


Hello again,

It was since along time that I didn't post, ok I know, but u must forgive me since I am a busy student joining a heavy-duty college & very bad situation. So sometimes because of the shortage of my time, I forget to breath:)!!!!!

Actually I faced some troubles in the last few weeks, first of all, was my car, which had many problems in the engine. Although it is a new car!!, err ok it not a quite new err actually the model of my car is the model of 20th century, yes I know that the 20th century started in 1901 & ended in 2001 but it is still of 20th century. Ok if u insists to know, my car made in 1975 & that has make it 9 years older than me but I still the master :). However, she sometimes refuses to obey my orders to embarrass me in the street, and as wisdom said by Wiseman "that the car is like the woman, when she is new, she is like a ring in ur finger , but when she is old she will be like a pain in ur …".:)sorry, I heard this wisdom from the guard of our neighbor's house & I wrote it cz I hate my car :(
We bought this car in 1975 when Saddam's regime for the first & the last time did something good when he enables the people who had a Ph.D. to buy Mercedes cars but without taxes( Sorry but, did I mentioned that before?, that my car is Mercedes :)) but Saddam's regime didn't repeat his generous offer(this mistake :) ) again.
I wish I had a camera to supply u with recent pics of 30 years old car & let u see what time did to my woman (sorry car):). Recently I celebrated in the Golden Jubilee of my car by giving her a strong hit in left anterior side with Renault, Nice present isn't it :)

In this week I saw 2 cases in the hospital & I was successful in diagnosing one of them which was a case of a man complaining of right upper abdominal pain with changing of urine color to tea color & the case was Acute Cholecystitis(Inflammation of the gall bladder).. Can u see, I am really being a Doc.? :)
The other case was of a man too, complains of abdominal pain & swallowing (ascitis) & unfortunately, the case was a case of a malignancy. when I took the history from him he said that he is a teacher & lived in Al-Basra & he was a soldier during both Gulf War I & II so the Doctor related that Malignancy to the Depleted Uranium Missiles thrown on Iraq During the 2nd Gulf War & the last war by the Allied Forces.
I am sorry about him since he is 55 years old only, THAT'S LIVE!!!

I believe in an old true Wisdom that said
"It's not important to die, bcz we r all will die someday, but is important how to die" so I wish to choose the way of my death.

Well, I wanna tell u that Tigris changed its direction & now it's passing in front of the gate of our home, there aren't more than 3 meters between our garage & Tigris, but unfortunately it is too shallow to swim in but enough to suntan our skin near it. Actually, we didn't go fishing yet but I will do so soon as I want to cross the street to our neighbors on the other side. About my car, it is as a Titanic; sunk in the Pacific Ocean; & I as Leonardo Dicaprio trying to save my LOVE (lectures) from drowning so I lay down with my LIVE (shoes) to save it.

A new pool in Baghdad

Oooooh a new Tsunami in Baghdad

Don't worry it's not Tsunami, I am talking about what rain did to Baghdad, bcz of the bad swage system & poor maintenance to this system, Baghdad flooded with water with the 1st heavy raining this year & Baghdad become small islands separated by water, so every islands made their own party & their Island's Law & started to ask for their Independence !!!!! :):):):)
However, I wish that Sun would evaporate their dreams so as water to be united once again under the name of the United Islands of Baghdad (UIB):) :)

I watched some days ago the Operah show, in that show Operah sold some of her own things & one of the ladies bought Oprah's glasses for 2000 $, I don't envy but I want tell u that 2000$ can support 5 members-family for nearly one year in Iraq. Do u realize the situation or not yet?

This is the last post before my Mid-Term examination, so I tried to be funny before stress so I wish u found it funny, but if not try to drink 7up after finishing this post to help u digesting my jokes :)

14th of March 2005